Equity Partnerships


Knightsbridge Property Finance (Knightsbridge Fund II LP) is a private debt fund managed by Knightsbridge Capital. This investment offers investors returns similar to common high performing REITs, without the higher risk profile of the equity investment. With aligned investment returns in an increasing interest rate environment and through investing in senior secured debt, investors are able to earn secured yields with substantially less exposure to real estate volatility. For more information, contact us directly at 604-684-7070.



Maynards Financial LP is a private debt fund managed by Knightsbridge Capital. With a pool of more than $100 million of investor capital invested, these funds are invested in an alternative lending platform to support businesses in transition. For more information, please visit contact us at 604-675-2249.



KapX Equipment offers traditional equipment financing alternatives for companies in all industry sectors. With bank competitive rates and flexible repayment structures that reflect the needs of its clients, KapX services stronger companies maintaining a sustainable cash flows in all economic climates. For more information, visit KapX Finance at www.kapx.ca.



Maynbridge Capital provides transitional lending products to companies experiencing a period of liquidity issues arising from high growth to interruptions in work programs and business distress. By taking aggressive positions on tangible assets, we are able to provide our clients with the most aggressive products available in the market to provide a period of payment relief so the business can adequately restructure based on the needs of the client and situation. For more information on these products, please visit www.maynbridge.ca.



Caffé Artigiano After several years of expansion, Caffè Artigiano needed additional capital to invest in upgrading systems, improve products and restructure the business. In September 2016, Knightsbridge participated with two partners to acquire the business. Caffè Artigiano provides more than just coffee – our cafes are a staple in their community, where artisan coffee started in Vancouver and where customers find exceptional products with a feel of being in Italy, at home.


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SixFive Sports & Entertainment is a partnership to provide professional and amateur sports & entertainment services through establishing new training facilities, sporting management and event services.