Knightsbridge Capital was launched in 2007 with a commitment to providing financing support to businesses at all stages of their life cycle, regardless of their perceived risk profile. Knightsbridge has served hundreds of clients secure more than $500 million in financing through its many financing alternatives, including its own managed debt funds.

With the combination of these lending conduits, Knightsbridge has truly become the first lender of its kind in Canada able to offer financial solutions to companies across the risk spectrum at all stages of their corporate life cycle. It was through this initiative that we aimed to be experts in transitional lending – providing non-traditional, individualized financing products and solutions backed by tangible physical assets – to companies facing short to long term capital needs.

Our core focus is the provision of comprehensive capital services to businesses both unable to access the traditional range of financing options due to a perceived heightened risk profile right to those in periods of sustainable growth. At the same time, we want to be long-term partners with our clients and also provide bank competitive financing options that are tailored to all companies.

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