Knightsbridge Capital Group is committed to providing expertise at every stage of a company’s life cycle by creating a formula to maximize corporate cash flows and improve prospects for the long-term growth of our clients. Offering both debt financing and equity partnerships, Knightsbridge is changing the traditional landscape of financing by offering products across the risk spectrum to companies at every stage of their corporate life cycle. From strong traditional companies to transitional to distressed, we offer something that no-one else can - financing options no matter how a company is performing. It is this concept that allows our clients to see us as long-term partners in their business, and a stable ally in good times and bad.




KapX Equipment Finance offers a perfect complement to the Knightsbridge Capital Group, offering traditional equipment financing products to help companies improve liquidity and support their businesses for long-term growth. 

With the ability to finance equipment across all sectors, KapX provides the perfect financing tool for companies across Canada. We provide bank competitive rates, but with more aggressive product options consistent with our non-traditional long-term partnership to financing with our clients.




Transitional Lending is a concept reflecting how Maynbridge Capital partners with its borrowers. We offer financial products ranging across the risk spectrum, designed to appeal to companies in all stages of the business life cycle from high growth to distressed.

Leveraging management's real-world breadth of expertise in financing assets at every stage in their life cycle, we are frequently able to pinpoint actual collateral values and their associated depreciation schedules more accurately than traditional lenders. This expertise translates to more aggressive financing terms than many other lenders in the marketplace are able to offer.




Through the many skill-sets of our team and investment partners, Knightsbridge is able to compliment our debt products with truly contributing to the long-term prospects of a business by investing in it. We are valued partners through periods of turnaround and high growth when liquidity constraints are affecting businesses the most. We are actively expanding our equity portfolio and welcome new partnerships, particularly in Canada.